Friday, 23 December 2011

A bloggity...type thing (for a lazy day)

Today's the day I've got absolutely nothing planned.
So I decided I'd write a bloggity...type thing.
Does anyone else read things in other people's voice? I don't. Everything I read is in my voice, which makes reading somewhat a horrendous experience at times (think Twilight), but it seems the most natural to do.
I find I tend to narrate a great deal of my life in my head. I don't know if anyone else does this, but it seems like I'm my 'own friend' at times; or maybe I'm just plagued with schizophrenia.
I've gone to a university, if anyone didn't know, and no, it isn't the university of Toronto, as a lot of my old highschool teachers thought for some odd reason, it's to Mcmaster University, which has treated me well, to some degree.
People seem to be so friendly at the university and whatnots, I've talked to people who've I've never said a word to in my life like they were acquaintances which is kind of a weird experience I suppose.
This seems to be a common phenomenon before/after tests and exams especially, when everyone's nervous and wants to talk about how confusing this test is/was going to be.
I've always been fascinated at Gift cards. How giving money seems to be somewhat taboo as a gift but a gift card is all fine and good. Perhaps its because gift cards place a certain uselessness to it, which money lacks – to some degree.
I made sure not to come back to the city for the term, because I wanted to experience what living in a different city is like firstly, but I also wanted to save what scarce amount of money I've got.
I've had weird thoughts at the start and end of the term though, in that I'd wish to switch to the humanities program. I had this thought at the start of the term because I didn't want to be plagued with having to learn so many useful things; as I find useful information kind of a pain to learn (which is why I tend to have greater fun in mathematics than physics, though both are excellent fields). The feeling came back at the end of the term as well however, because (well, at least I think) I missed writing.
I miss having to proofread my work, and I miss having to capitalize what is appropriate and I miss reading.
I decided to tackle on the 50 books challenge, where I read at least 50 books in the timespan of 1 year. So far, I've read Twilight and The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. So...two down.
Hopefully someone has some interest in reading what ramblings I've put down here, though I suppose I wrote this more for my interest than another's.
I had a terrible thought the other day, that I'm probably not going to learn another language (mainly due to my laziness, and lack of others willing, as a study of a language without at least a companion is no fun) and I'm not going to be able to read books in other languages in my lifetime (or think in a different language, which of course, fascinates me).
I suppose thats all in my thoughts for today, I'm probably going to go back to reading after this, and I suppose I should leave this bloggity...thing off with something other than rambling.
So; here it is. We live in the world for a ridiculously short amount of time, and no matter what we do, all we're really going to have to show for it is being dead. So, go on and enjoy life, and don't bother too much on all the small annoyances in life.
Hopefully that inspired some thought, (though, I suppose that it's unlikely it did, as humans are so mindlessly stubborn (I know, I am one)) and if this wasn't so entertaining for you, here's a picture of a cat eating an elephant taken by my netbook as I left my camera in Hamilton.